A Thought on Bands Who Cancel Gigs at the Last Minute

Every musician has played some lousy gigs, and some more than others.  Small crowds, weak sound reinforcement, cramped space, short money, high drama, the list of the stuff that can make a gig lousy goes on and on, and is enough to keep some people from ever playing out.  Dealing with gigs that don’t cut […]

Why the Music Industry Still Needs Taste Makers

This article is too cool not to share, and it’s reprinted with permission by the author. Syndicated from: Creative Deconstruction It used to be the record label’s jobs to tell us who to listen to.  A&R would scour the earth looking for talent, groom them, coach them and surround them with people who could get […]

How Many Songs are The Same 4 Chords?

Spotted on: I am Bored There are only 12 notes in Western Music. This video shows how many pop hits can come out of just one Four Chord Progression. Apparently, quite a few. This video was created by the Axis of Awesome, and they’re worth checking out. You can support them (and get some cool […]

T-Racks 3 – Master the Possibilities of your Music

K Multimedia’s latest installment of the T-Racks Mastering Suite takes the art of digital mastering to a whole new level, bringing advanced signal processing and fidelity to the masses..

Branford Marsalis on Students today

This is a very cool clip from the documentary Before the Music Dies. It’s pretty starightforward, and super powerful.

Amen Brother!

Here is a video about what may be the most important drum break in the history of music, and at the very least, equally as important as Funky Drummer. While the Winston Brothers may not be a household name, the Amen Break has entered pop culture history. Enjoy!

How Low Can Album Sales Go?

Spotted on: Digital Music News It’s nothing new that the music industry is experiencing a steady downward trend in album sales. A few years ago, chart toppers were moving millions of albums a week. This trend isn’t just continuing, it’s advancing. For the first quarter of 2008, albums sales were down 10.7% from the same […]

How Collective Idiocy Left the Record Companies in Bits

Spotted On: The Guardian “When the history of our digital times comes to be written, one of the questions that will puzzle historians is why the record companies missed the significance of the internet.” What a great thought (and a very catchy headline). Here is a summary of the article, with some commentary. Since World […]

Artist Turns to BitTorrent when his Music is Pirated by iTunes

Spotted on: TorrentFreak An interview with the Flashbulb about his recent calamity with iTunes, and putting his album up on BitTorrent. It turns out iTunes is selling his albums without permission, and not paying royalties. The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan) has been releasing albums for 14 years, the last 5 have included various commercial endeavors. The […]

Does Chatter Matter? The Impact of User-Generated Content on Music

Spotted on: NYU Archives Here’s a paper titled “Does Chatter Matter? The Impact of User-Generated Content on Music”. It’s a study in how blogs and and social networking sites are impacting music sales. The study did not include any analysis on radio or internet broadcasting as a variable. Since this a very long and convoluted […]