How Many Songs are The Same 4 Chords?

Spotted on: I am Bored There are only 12 notes in Western Music. This video shows how many pop hits can come out of just one Four Chord Progression. Apparently, quite a few. This video was created by the Axis of Awesome, and they’re worth checking out. You can support them (and get some cool […]

Branford Marsalis on Students today

This is a very cool clip from the documentary Before the Music Dies. It’s pretty starightforward, and super powerful.

Amen Brother!

Here is a video about what may be the most important drum break in the history of music, and at the very least, equally as important as Funky Drummer. While the Winston Brothers may not be a household name, the Amen Break has entered pop culture history. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Today is Bob Marley’s birthday (in my opinion, an international holiday). in celebration of the birth of one of the most influential and incredible musicians of our time, here are some videos of Bob. If you want to honor Bob’s memory today, stand for something you believe in. A couple of interviews, speaking about music, […]

Frank Zappa on the Music Business

Spotted on: Youtube Who woulda believed that a 20 year old video would provide such great wisdom about music today? The first half of the video is on the music business. The second half is a tirade about sex. Had he mentioned drugs, we’d have the holy trinity of music.

Impressions by John Coltrane

This is like the most nuts version of this tune we’ve ever heard…