Branford Marsalis on Students today

This is a very cool clip from the documentary Before the Music Dies. It’s pretty starightforward, and super powerful.

Amen Brother!

Here is a video about what may be the most important drum break in the history of music, and at the very least, equally as important as Funky Drummer. While the Winston Brothers may not be a household name, the Amen Break has entered pop culture history. Enjoy!

How Low Can Album Sales Go?

Spotted on: Digital Music News It’s nothing new that the music industry is experiencing a steady downward trend in album sales. A few years ago, chart toppers were moving millions of albums a week. This trend isn’t just continuing, it’s advancing. For the first quarter of 2008, albums sales were down 10.7% from the same […]

Artist Turns to BitTorrent when his Music is Pirated by iTunes

Spotted on: TorrentFreak An interview with the Flashbulb about his recent calamity with iTunes, and putting his album up on BitTorrent. It turns out iTunes is selling his albums without permission, and not paying royalties. The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan) has been releasing albums for 14 years, the last 5 have included various commercial endeavors. The […]

What Happens to Music Collections When They’re Just Collections?

Music has value because it moves us. That special album that takes us back to some magic moment, or the songs we love to dance to. What has people by albums is the love of the music. MP3 collecting is similar to collecting baseball cards.  Grab an artist’s entire discography, and trade among your peers.  […]

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Today is Bob Marley’s birthday (in my opinion, an international holiday). in celebration of the birth of one of the most influential and incredible musicians of our time, here are some videos of Bob. If you want to honor Bob’s memory today, stand for something you believe in. A couple of interviews, speaking about music, […]

Why We Listen to Music

Music is not a commodity. It’s not something that people buy, or consume. It’s not a revenue stream, or a career choice. It’s an expression of the depths of peoples’ humanity. It’s an experience. Our ears bring us some of the greatest pleasure. Life is a song that plays all the time: running water, the […]

Album Sales: A Realistic Perspective

In getting a picture of what’s next for the music business, let’s take a moment to look at reality right now. There are a few reports from mid-2007 that CD sales are way down (15% from the first half of last year), while digital sales are up over 48% (If you find any more recent […]

The Album: Extinction or Evolution?

  Prince gave his album away in a newspaper, and Radiohead broke new ground with In Rainbows by letting fans choose how much to pay. Animosity toward major record companies is growing faster than US citizens contempt for their government (I’ll refrain from linking out to anything here). The entertainment industry is entering what is […]

Speak Clearly (Jargon on a Tangent)

Spotted on: New York Times As the end of the year statistics for the music industry are released, I keep noticing a common tone of these articles. They all seem to be written about the six major record labels, and iTunes. As an artist and independent label owner (ergo, part of the music industry), these […]