How Many Songs are The Same 4 Chords?

Spotted on: I am Bored

There are only 12 notes in Western Music. This video shows how many pop hits can come out of just one Four Chord Progression. Apparently, quite a few. This video was created by the Axis of Awesome, and they’re worth checking out. You can support them (and get some cool swag) here.

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  1. Brad

    Of course…while there are 12 notes, there are an incredible amount of chords…let’s see, we have 12 major triads, 12 minor triads, 12 diminished triads . . . 12 suspended triads… 12 major 7th chords, 12 minor 7th chords, 12 dominant 7th chords,12 half diminished 7th chords, 12 fully diminished 7th chords . . . and that doesn’t even get into altered or extended chords. Soooooo the fact that all those songs use 4 chords is very…underwhelming.

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