How Collective Idiocy Left the Record Companies in Bits

Spotted On: The Guardian “When the history of our digital times comes to be written, one of the questions that will puzzle historians is why the record companies missed the significance of the internet.” What a great thought (and a very catchy headline). Here is a summary of the article, with some commentary. Since World […]

The Cult of Personality – The Modern Artist’s Mantra

The future for musicians looks like more than just great recordings and live shows.  The opportunities that the internet provides modern artists is available to everyone, and thus its potential is diluted.   One way to get noticed is to generate interest in who you are and what you’re saying. in other words, creating and maintaining […]

Death of Dynamic Range

  Spotted on:? Read the article here. This is a great article about Dynamic Range, and how it’s gone out of style.? In the frenzy of making music louder and louder, modern music has become a static filled mess of clips, where the loudes and softest sounds are often almost identical.? We highly recommend […]

Price Points vs. Perceived Value

One of the hot topics of conversation in digital music is price points. It’s such a grand term, though it’s really just two memes strung together: the idea of price, and the idea of points. Neither of which is really the issue at hand in the music business. Any conversation about digital media (also known […]

What about the Low End?

Few of our cell phones, mp3 players, laptop speakers, and computer speakers have quality bass response. Do you think that the perceived value of music might factor in fidelity? Is most people’s highest quality stereo in their car? Could this reflect trends of music production, or is it commentary on where we spend the most […]